About Us

It's true... It all started at the dining room table. We are two crafty moms, Jessica Leverette and Kellie Bosarge, who decided to make some unique rustic jewelry. We actually had the thought "Oh, I can make that!" Little did we know our friends would want to purchase some of our creations. Our creative works led us to establish our jewelry business - Brown Water Design.

That first year we made a lot of rustic bohemian style jewelry. Along the way, we began making our famous Mermaids - here's how.. While shopping for the latest and greatest beads, Jessica's then 13 year old daughter, saw these amazing iridescent beads that "shimmer like a mermaid tail". The were cute, but they weren't boho, so we passed on them. However, Miles Taylor, convinced her Dad to buy her one strand of clear moonstone and then she persuaded Kellie to make her a choker. She loved it, but her friends loved it more! The Mermaid craze was on. Soon, we began selling Mermaids faster than we could make them.

Then, we had copycats. So, we changed the name to The Original Mermaid™ and spun off the entire collection to what you see here. Our MERMAIDS have been imitated, but never duplicated. While copycats have tried to enter the market, we have been diligent in creating strong and distinct branding to let consumers know that they are purchasing our original high quality product, not a cheap imitation. We are quite proud of our brand that started from one strand of clear moonstone beads.

All this jewelry-making requires a lot of dedicated team members. Our supporting cast consists of a dozen or so amazing friends who love our business.Jessica's husband serves as CEO and business development. Kellie's husband helps with special projects. We call in lots of friends, family, and our 5 kids when needed to help us with trade shows and events! It truly takes a village of MERMAIDS!

The Original Mermaid™ line can be found in over 200 stores nationwide.

Questions - please email us at theoriginalmermaidco@gmail.com