It's About Your Brand: Copycats

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When Kellie Bosarge and I started creating Brown Water Design in 2015, our goal was to create a brand to produce high quality accessories using top grade products. While seeking to perfect not only our jewelry’s style but establish and build a brand, my daughter, who was 13 at the time, discovered a durable, exquisite, unique bead. It glistened like a mermaid’s tail.

The story is longer than this, but, in short, from discovering that shimmering bead, my daughter, Miles Taylor, created a necklace, which twinkled like the sun reflecting off a mermaid tail. We thought about how to create a necklace. What would make it strong and last a lifetime? We don’t want a cheaply made product that will break or disintegrate. We wanted a “brand.” Hence, Miles Taylor created a company called The Original Mermaid™.

So, now this is one of those blogs or letters that you write out of frustration and put in a drawer or throw in the garbage. You just want to vent. I’m venting on the “Copycats!” But, I'm not throwing this away or saving it for nobody to see - ha.

Designers have replicated our products and marketed it as a “mermaid.” While, yes, it’s a free country and there are generic brands of all sorts, and there is nothing anybody can do about that. Yet, when your brand is passed off as the real thing, and it’s not, that’s just down right wrong and a lie.

As we have examined these copycat products, they are not made as a high quality, durable piece of jewelry. Yes, the bead might be a knock-off or even the same bead; yet, we back our brand on the durability of the way our necklaces and bracelets are crafted. We have such passion for The Original Mermaid™ we had it officially trademarked this year. 

The way consumers perceive a brand is how that brand is defined, and a brand is a promise to consumers. We have created something that is true and authentic for our customers. It’s sad these other jewelry designers mislead other boutiques and people and say their product was a “mermaid.” We have worked to make sure these copycats are not passing their product off to be one of ours. 

Luckily, we are creative people and will continue to build our brand by introducing new and original products for The Original Mermaid™!  It's our sweet spot! Our creativity fuels us, and we love it! Copycats will always be several steps behind us! 

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    Well said!!! – Jessica

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